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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome to ET ROCK! Internet Radio Show

My Stereo Magnet Girl brings you...

ET ROCK! Internet Radio dedicated to INDIE Bands + NEXT Stage Performances coming soon!
More Rock at INDIE POST! She keeps your band moving in her Events Calendar! Feature Spot in the company of her web presence--her writing is sure to make your fans smile :) Plus, more rock and video On The Road and In The News. Read more about the History of ET ROCK below.

Home With You: The Rock Lounge dedicated to Rock Music!
Find My Stereo Magnet Girl @ Home With You in The Music Bar with friends or on guitar. Share a seat at the bar or lounge on the couch :) Go To Town with her and chat or post on the Message Boards. Check out her list of favorite songs or add your own in Stir It Up! Travel to Rock Lane where she relives her memories and 80s Rock and Heavy Metal where she was partying through the best times in the music industry!

Did You Know? A song is being written for Home With You!
There's so much excitement going on around here! What else is coming? A lot can be found in Rock Music...

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Go ahead, Rock Here!

My Stereo Magnet Girl :)
She brings Rock Music back!
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History of ET ROCK!

More Rock is better. It's a place of more rock - more stars. That means more Rockstars! ET ROCK brings them home. Like the millions of stars you see in the sky at night, ET ROCK is one of those stars shining bright because of you and is sending that message to all rockstars and fans around the globe...

More Rock and ET ROCK! is a greater distance about to happen. They are rocks in the sky that fall at night, much like a comet, because of your wondrous hope and courage to make things happen; shares an energy and sends a message to the rocks that they are stars, not just rocks, and brings them to make a place at home with you - for the sky is not the limit!

Now ET ROCK! brings all the other stars in the sky Home With You...

they are ROCKSTARS!

My Stereo Magnet Girl and Internet Radio Show coming soon!

ET ROCK! is in connection with More Rock. Stay tuned...
My Stereo Magnet Girl :)
She brings Rock Music back!

On a dark, stormy night, a single creature stands under a pitch-black sky...
Read more about the History of ET ROCK!

More History: It all began in Australia...
Q&A: Everyone is asking: Whois? My Stereo Magnet Girl

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